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The blue foam near indestructible mini flying wings

The Wingbat series have been developed and brought to you by 4 aero-modellers who believe modelling should be extremely good fun, but above all else inexpensive!

The Wingbat is designed to fly in any mode you could possible want. Crashing is inevitable, and the Wingbat absorbs shocks that would destroy many other models, this is so you can maximise your flying time and not fixing time!

30", 26" and now, 20" models available
CD-Rom brushless motor or EDP50 type motor
Ni-CD, Ni-Mh, Li-Ion or Li-Po powered
Super stable and flexible. It's performed great with 50g Li-Poly pack right up to a 150g 8.4v firebird pack (very stable). 

Remember - All Wingbat kit prices included post & packing